It’s time again for our much-awaited PISTA SA ISM! Have you bought your special edition t shirts yet? Are you going to wear your Filipiniana best? Don’t forget to join the parade and make sure you have enough food chits! HAPPY FIESTA!!

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4 Responses to “PISTAHAN NA!!!”

  1. Ben says:

    ayyy, gusto ko! 🙂 salamat ms saulo 😀 what are you wearing for the march?

  2. Winston Hsu says:

    Thinking about the past two pista I’ve experienced, this one is the best 😀

    There were actually lots of food for HS students this year, unlike last year where the MS kids ate most of them 😛

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the Pista this year! (-:

  4. Hi Ben!
    Just a simple “saya” top and palazzos but I’ll be helping with directing the traffic not the actual parade, I’m afraid.

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